Our Educational Strategy: Our curriculum is a combination of skills and knowledge aimed at developing your child in a holistic fashion, where his/her social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical needs are addressed.

Nurturing atmosphere where your child will blossom: Our classes are conducted in a warm environment that fosters learning and creative expression. In our program, your child will learn through play and exploration with an extensive variety of early childhood toys and materials. This gives the children the hands-on experience they will need to expand their minds and develop their motor skills.

Engaging curriculum so that your child will love learning. Our curriculum is built on the SPICES approach to education. That is, we address the children’s Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual development. We provide the social setting to promote healthy self esteem, a sense of responsibility to the group, sensitivity to the needs of others and continued growth in social skill development. The curriculum incorporates the development of fundamental skills, including: math and literacy readiness, following directions, visual memory, dramatic play, problem-solving, and self-help skills. Exploration is encouraged and a sense of wonder is cultivated. In addition to the general studies program, our school also focuses on the Yid in the Yiddishe child. Through oodles of songs, oral stories and picture books, crafts and hands-on activities, Yiddishkeit comes alive. In our school, Yiddishkeit is a hands-on experience with lots of dramatic play, model seder, sukkah making, shofar display, making delicious challah for shabbos and more.

We are dedicated to making learning a joyful and meaningful experience.