Communication: Open communication between the school’s director, teachers and parents is an integral component of Yiddishe Otzros. During the orientation process, please give the teacher your impressions of your child: personality, likes, dislikes, pertinent health information, etc… During the school year, please communicate to the school any changes in your child’s attitude towards school. We will send home weekly newsletters to share with you what your child has been doing in class. Additionally, important notices regarding scheduling matters and upcoming events are sent home in your child’s backpack. Please take a moment each day to check your child’s backpack. A communication notebook is also used to communicate and share in the precious growth of your dear child. Teachers will write in a bi-monthly observation. There are lunch, sleep/ rest charts – to be checked daily.  Please use it. It can be used; to document progress of child – as a good memory log, or in asking questions and sending information.

Changes in Child’s Home Environment: It is important that the teacher know of any changes taking place in your child’s environment. The birth of a baby, parents on vacation, change of babysitter or family crisis can affect your child’s behavior in school. The more informed we are, the more we can do to offer extra support and understanding to your child during unusually stressful times.

Parent-Teacher Conference: There will be a Parent-Teacher Conference around Chanukah time.

Both mothers and fathers are encouraged to attend as it is an opportunity to discuss the uniqueness of your child and receive an in-depth view of your child’s progress.

Contacting Teachers: When you feel the need to talk to your child’s teacher, please do not hesitate, jot down a note in the notebook of the best time you can be reached to talk.

Tzippy Vigler, the director, is also always available to speak with you.

Please feel free to call and discuss.

Tzippy Vigler

Cell- 718-781-3864