School Meals:

The school provides breakfast and a hot nutritious lunch daily, as well as a mid-afternoon snack.

Please do not send any food or snack with your child.

We provide plenty of nutritious food and the children do not go hungry.

Sending snack from home creates jealousy among the children, and sharing snacks spreads germs.

Special Diets:

If your child has any special dietary needs, such as allergies, please consult with us. 

School Birthday Parties:

Children love to celebrate their birthdays at school and we recommend that you make a party in class. We prefer to celebrate on Hebrew birthday.

Birthday party day is on the Hebrew birthday or closest day but not on a Friday. We recommend small cupcakes without sprinkles and grape juice with a prize appropriate to the child’s age (like: bubbles, sunglasses, play dough, paper pad, crayons, stickers, books) and fresh fruit / please no candies.

Please insure that every food item is from a Jewish brand (cholov yisroel, pas yisroel and bishul yisroel).

Your child’s teacher will add songs, and games to make this a special day for your child. We also recommend bringing pennies for each child to give Tzedakah during the party. Please let us know a week in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time.

We also encourage your child to bring a present for the class. Please ask the teacher what the class might need, or chip in for a bigger toy for the class such as wooden blocks.