Who We Are

Five years ago we started in Flatbush and have BH grown in leaps and bounds. Thousands of boxes have been distributed each year by many hundreds of people and Flatbush. And this year we want to grow through Flatbush and beyond and reach out to have more and more people get involved.

Operation MitzvahShare is a project of Mayan Yisroel a Center for Chassidus and community organization in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY.

Why did we start Operation MitzvahShare?
So many Frum Jews come into contact with non-frum Jews. Your attorney Charlie Friedman; Scott, the CEO of the company you’re trying to solicit; your son’s social worker Annette Goldberg; or your babysitter Elina Beregovitch – they are all Jewish. They may be sophisticated individuals but know very little about their Judaism. Jews are on Wall Street and in the hi-tech Medical Centers; they’re in the sanitary department and your plumbers – they are everywhere and in all walks of life.

You may not want to be their Rabbi of Rebbetzin, but you may by default be their only connection to Yiddishkeit.

Every Jew has a pintele Yid, a Neshama that binds him to Hashem. It transcends logic; a Jew is simply connected to Hashem despite any exterior that pretends otherwise. No rationalizing is necessary, just have him or her do the Mitzvah of learn the Torah and you touch their Souls.

So what are we asking you to do now?
Send a kit containing three Shmurah Matzahs (or multiple boxes if you wish) in an elegant box with a beautiful brochure to any less observant Jew you know. We could give you the box to do it yourself or we could ship directly in your name.

Click HERE to go to our Mitzvashare website and see the exact package! Please send us any comments and feedback and photos if you can, so we can inspire others too.

Join us and together let’s reach out to Am Yisroel, Matzah by Matzah!

Rabbi Yoseph Vigler
Operation MitzvahShare