RYYJ Shavuos 5774 - Rus & Dovid in the world of the Brisker Rov 

R' YY Jacobson - Pesach Lecture - The Simonim of the Seder April 7, 5 Nissan 5774

Rabbi YY Jacobson-All I want is You  12-31-13

Rabbi YY Jacobson-How To Experience Chanukah 12-12-13

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Rabbi YY Jacobson-Living With Your Soul  12-5-13

Rabbi YY Jacobson-Discovering Your Inner Soul  10-29-13

Rabbi YY Jacobson-The Purpose of Creation  10-22-13 

Rabbi YY Jacobson-The Inner Conflict 10-15-13.mp3

Rabbi YY Jacobson-A Journey Through The Fundamentals of Chassidus 10-8-13