Halacha Series with Rabbi Sholom Shuchat

 1) Thursday, March 12th 2015/ 21st of Adar

     "Are Your Airline Miles Ribis Free?"

 2) Sunday, March 22nd 2015/2nd of Nissan

    "The Kitniyos Hype- Is there a basis for it?"

3) Sunday March 29th 2015/ 9th of Nissan

"  When did Matzah Balls become Chometz?"

4) Sunday, April 26th 2015/ 7th of Iyar

"The Kosher Switch, is it ok on Shabbos?" 

 The kosher switch.amr

 5) Sunday,May 17th 2015/ 28th of Iyar

" Hot showers, extinguishing flames and Preparing from Shabbos to Shavuos"