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  • Rabbi Viglers Blog!Read Rabbi Viglers Weekly Blog!Click Here for Rabbi Viglers Blog
  • Shavuos Ice Cream Kiddush1st Day of Shavuos, join Mayan Yisroel for ASERES HADIBROS, followed by an ice cream Kiddush.Click here for more info
  • LAG B'OMER EVENT- MAY 7TH!Join our Flatbush Community for our annual Lag B'Omer Event on May 7th with a BMX Rider Show, Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, & Special Musical Guests!View Pictures!
  • Men's Lag BA'Omer Kumzits 5775Wednesday night, May 6th. Our Men Only Lag Ba'Omer Kumzits was a great celebration!View Video & Pictures
  • HELP PROTECT OUR SOLDIERS!Keep our Soldiers safe & help support IDF by donating for BULLET PROOF VESTS!Click Here to DONATE & for more Info!
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