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  • Mitzvah SharePesach time is here! Time for a Mitzvah! Share in the Mitzvah of giving Shmura Matzah to your fellow Jewish coworkers, friends and family. Go to or call 718-677-0030. Read More
  • My Extended Family's Purim SeudaThank You for Joining Us! Stay Tuned for Photos! Read More
  • Mayan Yisroel Men's Farbrengen

    Thank You for Joining Us! Stay Tuned for Photos!

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  • My Extended Family Brings You:Thank You for Joining Us! Stay Tuned for our follow up Question & Answer Event! Read More
  • Simple TruthsJoin Our Rosh Chodesh Women's Society 7 Class Series for Women NEXT Class is March 1st at 8:15pm!

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  • Torah and TeaYou are invited to join us for

    Torah and Tea

    A women's program, In honor & memory of Rashi Minkowicz

    Every Wednesday morning, 10:15 AM

    Mayan Yisroel

    3315 Ave N

    Brooklyn, NY
  • Facebook LIVECheck Out Our Facebook Live!

    Like Rabbi Vigler and Rebbetzin Vigler's Facebook Pages so you can be notified of their next Facebook Live Video!

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